1987hondaxl 600 r stator wiring question

Newbie got a 1987honda xl 600r supertrapp silencer took to the shop had carbs cleaned and adjusted needed new stator so i got a dual output stator online moose i think lost paperwork wiring instructions anyway my stock stator had a red and black wire a pink wire a yellow wire and a yellow / whit wire new stator has red/black 2 white wires a yellow wire and a green wire does anyone know how to hook these wires up or if its even the rite stator for this bike. They said it would work but like i said lost all paperwork bummed cant ride bike any help would be much appreciated

Try the internet for a wiring diagram.  If I was to guess the red/black would be ignition/CDI.  That can be checked with a voltmeter, if it is ignition it will be 50+ volts A/C even kicking it over.  I would hook the yellow to yellow on the bike,  The other white ones are probably the equivalent of the pink and yellow/white.  Green would likely be ground, that could be confirmed with an ohmmeter.


Charge and light wires will be less than 20 volts while running and unregulated A/C out of the stator.

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If my memory is right they had one coil for CDI one coil for AC headlight with a AC reg. Then one coil with reg/rec for battery and it ran rest of lights. You can wire the two lighting coils together for one high output lighting coil. The same setup as a Ricky Stator stator for a XR600 just lookup the diagram on RS site

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