Where Does This Part Go On My 450?

My 2015 fell over in the garage and this plastic piece was on the ground.  I have looked around the bike and cannot find where it goes..


Thanks in advance.



That's the cover on the underside the fuel pump that goes over the output-to-fuel line connection.

OK, is that directly on the  bottom of the tank?  Any chance you can take a pic to get me in the general area. 


I assume I have to take the tank off to put it back on?

Part # 38


Thank you Eddie!

Not sure how you knocked that thing loose. Anyone work on the bike lately?

No, that's whats weird.  I had the bike on a stand in my garage (Which is carpeted) and it fell over on the left side and that piece was on the ground.


When I put it back in place, the rubber boot that holds each side down does not appear to hold it in very well at all, it keeps popping out with the slightest movement.   I think the piece that mounts into the bottom of the tank with plastic bubble holds it better..


Next time I check the valves I am going to put a ziptie around it.

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