Valve cover gasket

Well I noticed that I had an oil leak around the valve cover. I pulled it off clean all the mating surfaces very well of the old silicon. I read that the copper gasket sealer can stuff worked pretty good, so I bought a can and now it leaks worse than before... I really don't wanna spend 30 bucks on a new gasket. So my question is this Is Silicon the best way to seal the valve cover or is there something else that works better?

You use silicone ON the gasket. Not just silicone.

Spend 30 bux on a thousand dollar motor.

Buy a gasket.

Its a metal gasket. You'll use it over and over if you clean it and silicone film it.

Buy a gasket...

Or youll keep spending money on it when it doesn't run right cause you wont put the parts it needs on it.

Its an investment.

Yeh dude don't use copper gasket, wrong stuff anyway, and don't whatever you do, Don't use liquid gasket! No matter how good you think you got it, it'll drop off into the oil and clog the filter at the bottom of the frame eventually. that stuff works great for Harley's, but not Japanese bikes!

Hondabond to the rescue.

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