DR 100 83-90. Big bore kit.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction. I'm keeping my 83 dr100, but the rings are bad, I want big bore kit. I understand that this engine case is the sand for a few different bikes. Please help. Thanks

Take a stroll over to the DR-Z125 section and peruse a thread labelled "Interesting mods to my DRZ125L".
TL:DR a DR/ DRZ/ LT/ ALT/ SP125 top end bolts up but you need to change the head.

Just did an upgrade to my son's 1990 DR 100. Used an early Lt185 cyl, piston head and cam. RUNS great! I used a single thickness head gsk to try to gain some compression. Bought a larger Chinese Mikuni knockoff carb from E-bay. Found a used DRZ head pipe with a home grown silencer. Most every thing was a bolt on. One problem, a couple of alignment dowels had to be shortened. Moving on to a bigger bore 200-230 project now. good luck!

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