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2002YZ250F Rebuilt motor carb & compression problems

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hey everyone buddy of mine handed me a YZ250F,just cause were all we have all 4 of us. Guess you can say brotherly love. Well kinda, love my friends but here we go:

So I got the bike as a mini project but still under what he paid for it so were golden,lmfao.

Got the whole top end bored out, Valves redone( all new valves onto bike), Gaskets and the whole 9 was redone. Engine finished! or so they thought.

They tried to sell us with the electronic box was shot need a new one but after them b.s. us and a buddy knowing MX bike like I know my days old undies( hey new stain),we found the tiny bit of blown wire and problem fixed, bike kicked over all week and rode around throttle stuck a little but we got it going and idle was high at first but it was first kick. watch videos, and read forums, and blah blah blah, the freaking thing kicked over. First shot thought I was king dingaling more like no dingaling. Went riding in the woods with one of the guys. Freaking fracking Bike wouldn't start. Tried all the techniques tried everything said freak this bump it, so we did.

Bike ran it was warmed up but still throttle was a problem and rev was high.

so we rode for a little until it just wouldn't turn over anymore(had a long walk, little on bike is a lot walking)

Came back home and let my mechanical best friend look at that problem and fixed it in a few minutes, had to mess with the red gas screw for the reving and shit. im tired had a lot of cleaning for all the motorcycles I now have in my garages for misspelling and not knowing right name of parts. just the two screws that mess with the revving and gas. fixed it again or so we thought. Bike ran prestige up and down street, gears changing good we going riding tomorrow.

So we took bike out today still no compression, we done the TDC and all that stuff read nothing, BUMPED it again. Ran it all day half way threw the day tho this thing started leaking gas from the bottom of the carb. I guess the major bolt on the bottom( I have picture wont Load). as for the carb no air is getting inside we check it before and after riding nothing inside. Just this leak of gas coming from the carb onto the engine of the bike. That's where we are at now. everything else is sealed banging as my mechanical friend would say. Today also we saw that while gas is off with a good shake a nice amount small handful will come out. HUH? So here we are at this pickle and im like dahhhh their a turtle!!!!!

Any clue to what this can be? Other then yeah get a real bike you &%$#@!!!!!

Any to maximum help will be appreciated. Remember two problems were carb and compression. Really mostly the compression would new cams help? I have decompression lever but not installed. please help me.

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I'd call this a good read in my books do not much about the motor. As for your carb... sounds like a stuck float

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