Carb Soaking

I just stripped my carb apart, question is can I soak the carb body in simple green overnight before I clean it and would it hurt anything?

it's fine

What carb? What's it made of?


Google carb cleaning with Simple Green. You'll find suggested mixes of SG and water and time limits for soaking. Overnight is a bad idea. When you do your research, you'll see what SG does to aluminum carbs when left to soak too long.

I use laquer thinner for soaking and cleaning with good results. 

SG works fine for soaking

The real quefstion is why you tink it needs soaking in the first place

There are only a couple tight passages and they can be cleared with fishing line and mild solvent

I bought a 2003 crf450r off a older gentlemen who is the original owner. He said the carb was never cleaned and the bike was sitting around for a few years. When i took it apart it was filthy inside so i ordered a rebuild kit for it. Where in it can i use carb cleaner and what parts should i avoid?

Trailryder its a Keihin FCR Mx40 i believe.

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