Suzuki 185 ts exhaust mounting issue

I believe this bike is a 76. I got it from my friends uncle for free. I replaced the clutch cable and throttle/oil injector cable. My main problem now is that the exhaust pushed right into the flange. it can wiggle freely as it sees fit. I was wondering if there is something im missing. I see a circle for a spring on the pipe but there is none on the motor or flange i can see. What am I missing? Thank you guys!

It will ither be held on my springs or bolts and its probably springs. Do you have any pics?

ill post pictures tomorrow evening if you don't mind waiting. Maybe I can describe it better. The flange has no holes for springs in it just the mounting holes that fit m6x1.0 bolts. the exhaust has one loop on the bottom near where you insert into the flange. the top has nothing. There are no visible holes near the motor or frame that looks like it would fit a spring.

its definitely not held on by bolts

Get some pics and maybe we can help you out.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458527939.499613.jpgparts diagram says its held on by a spring on one side and a bolt and washer on the other. Odd design but whatever.

Thats the exact design! I was wondering what that spring hooks to? The flange?

I will get pictures tomorrow evening! Don't give up on me!

Hahah, most likely the flange. Get some pics and we will see.


I hope thats enough for you! If you need more let me know!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458595471.724291.jpgthat spring is parts number 13. Pull the pipe and you will find a mount somewhere

It is mounted with the top spring. Ju st not the one near the flange. That is the one that is confusing me!

Ok, get some pics of the parts that's confusing you lol.

I did include it. Image 5 of 5. I can pull the exhaust if necessary

Would you be able to add them to the thread and not from your garage? I'm using the mobile app and for some reason I can't access all of them only 1


i have no idea why the second one is so small

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458620618.583421.jpgthat indent looks like you put one end of the spring in there and the other goes on the exhaust.

Ok so I am missing the bottom spring. I have no clue if that will fix it but im going to order it tomorrow! For now I wrapped it in muffler in tape and pounded it in. SOO QUIET!

Hahah, let me know when you get the spring

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