I am attempting to put a little project I picked up together  XR600r Frame and engine are 93, but the forks, swingarm, and wheels appear to be 87 or so, as it has the gold rims.


I wondered if anyone could help with what I needed to do to get the drum brake operational.   This is a budget bike and I would like to try to use the components that I have.   I pIcked up a 87 pedal and rod, but it will not work as is.   also, if anyone has close up pics of the brake pedal area, that would be helpful.


I know I could get to 93 brake components and swimgarm, but would prefer to just use what I have already.

The problem I imagine is the drum brake.

The pedal is different on a hydraulic rear. This is all I think...the bikes arent in front of me...

Id think you can weld whatevers needed to mount it.

But you have to make the pedal activate the drums lever. Which the hydro lever wont do. It can probably be made to somehow. But it sounds like a project.

Look up drum to disk conversions and do it backwards.

The pedal will be your issue.

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      contact me if you're interested.