How to seal header/muffler joint?

I installed an FMF exhaust on my WR. With a stock header and FMF exhaust, you typically use their little aluminum spacer/adapter sleeve thing. The sleeve has shifted around a little, and I'm seeing a small exhaust leak there.

1. Should I really care, as it's a flow through muffler?

2. Can I use some copper based hi temp sealant around the joint?

I cut up a pop can and it worked.  A beer or energy drink can might work better.

The sleeve is in place. There's just a small gap between the edge of the mid pipe and the lip of the sleeve. I'm wondering if a bead around that would help. It's a slight leak, and it's a son of a bitch to pull apart.

I used a fire rated silicone from a BBQ shop and it did the trick as I had a slight leak from the mid pipe to header pipe join

You can use the permatex hi temp copper gasket for the exhaust.  I am also running the DRC pipe clamp in the 40-43mm size.


DRC also makes exhaust gaskets.  I found that when i went to pull out the FMF alum spacer that even though i was getting the exhaust leakage I couldnt easily get it out.  Nearly had to beat it out of the slip on muffler portion and ended  up having to replace with a new FMF alum spacer at $20.


I see that DRC (Dirt Freak) also makes an exhaust joint gasket that is more like the OEM joint material and might work on the FMF pipe.

Found some loctite red high temp rtv in the garage, pulled mid pipe off, put sealant inside midpipe and on the FMF spacer. Shoved together and here she is. Can't get rid of that gap, that adapter is seized onto the header and won't shift around. What do you guys think? You can see where I tried beating the bastard back

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458603651.253728.jpg

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Seems legit

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