04 E and 04 S Help me build one.

I have a 04 DRZ S that is street legal, low miles, and minus the typical S model restrictions it is ready to rock. I have recently bought an 04 DRZ E that is not street worthy therefore i plan to use the parts to upgrade my S model. My S is basically stock. The E has an FMF Platinum full exhaust. Only issue w/ the E is the carb is outta tune very bad. Difficult to idle, sluggish throttle response, has a pause to return to idle when off throttle. Thinking i should get a fresh jet kit and maybe a rebuild kit as well so to sort out these issues before transferring to the S model. Comments/ Advise is appreciated

The E carb needs to be inspected for wear , cleaned thoroughly internally and jetted to suit .

10-4. I haven't pulled apart yet due to not having replacement jets, rebuild kit, etc... At my disposal. What are some things that normally wear on these carbs? Should i buy the JD kit as well as a rebuild kit? Where is the best place to get a quality rebuild kit?

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