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Reasonably priced Early 90s cylinder

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to source a reasonably priced YZ250 cylinder, power valve and top cap/dome/head. The problem is i'm in New Zealand. I can't seem to find one here and all the ones on E-bay are mega money and they expect a heap to freight it here. I'm not too worried about condition and through the company I work through I could probably get the bits sent in a container we already have coming.


Any way the bike i'm fitting it to is a 1992 YZ250. I have a complete bottom end and rolling frame all i need now is the bits mentioned above, an expansion chamber and a rear guard. Then I can start a full restore.


I have already rebuilt one I ride but now I want to rebuild one to factory if I can.


Any way if anyone has a barrel and bits lying around I would love to do a deal!





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Hopefully someone can help you out. I need a mate for my 92.


I have been speaking to a company called Q and E inc in california. They have two suitable cylinders. So looks like I might do a deal and get one shipped to a company I'm dealing with over there as I have a shipping container coming to NZ in a couple of months.



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