Is it possible to put a 2002 cr 125 bottom end on a 1989 cr 125 frame?

I'm 17 and i have a 1989 cr 125 and the bottom end blew up, so there for i need a new bottom end ive done countless hours of research and cant find anything ive searched forums all over and cant find help! But i would appriciate it if someone who Knows anything about putting a 2002 bottom end in a 1989 bike? That is my ultimate question!. and any advice would be great! Thank you! 



91-01 is the same.

Thank you, well then in that case what kind of bottom end could i put on this?

the only way to get a newer engine in is to modify the frame, or search ebay for the parts you need to repair the stock one.

I should be terribly wrong but the lower cases of 87-97 are pretty much the same. 98/99 had wider transfer ports up to the cylinder but otherwise still the same.


Cases were black until '94 and from then on silver colour.


From '99 up they had larger engine mounting bolts.


Anyway - i'd say 87-97 lower cases are pretty much equal.

I just re-read the original post and realized its for a 125, trust what nino says.

Thank you nino! 

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