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Alright you DR350 experts, educate me!

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I'm prepping a nasty frame for a big bore DR200 build, and I picked up a cherry low hour set of late DR350 forks for the nose. I'd like to reduce to travel to an even 10 inches to closer match the rear (8.66), but I haven't seen anyone who's lowered a set. Anyone done it? Doable for the average joe? I should note that I've rebuilt lots of damper rod forks, and done a few shocks, but haven't done much with cartridge forks, and certainly haven't lowered any. 

Second question, is there any front brake caliper upgrades? I'll be running a early 90s CR125 rear brake set up, but I haven't settled on front brakes yet. I'll be running a CR125 front wheel as well (using what I've got taking up space under my bench), but I have the ability to make spacers and brackets as necessary. I'd rather not if there's a good bolt up solution.

Thanks all!

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