Help! Cr125 or Cr250/YZ250?

I need advice from experienced riders, I bought my first dirt bike a 1997 cr125r last september. It runs great, the only thing is I'm 6'3" and 190lbs. It sags so low when  Im on it, I feel like its not big enough. 


So this is what I wanted to ask, 


1. What spring rate do you think I should buy? 6.3kg? 6kg?


2. Should I just sell it and save up to buy a bigger bike like cr250/yz250? 


3. Compared to cr125, are the cr250/yz250 bigger in overall size? Do you think for my size I should just get a bigger bike?


Thanks, I'm very new dirt bikes and I don't know who to ask about them.

The yz is a better fit for taller guys.

Respring your 125 if you like it.

That 97' is a gem, brother. I'd at least hang on to it, figure out how to stiffin it up a bit. Arguably the best 125 motor Honda ever made. 

Factory connection has a spring calculator. That shoulput you close.

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depends on how you feel about the 125.  If you like how the motor pulls you around and the light nimbleness of the bike, keep it and get the suspension worked on for sure. 


The 250's are not really any bigger ergo wise, and you could probably make other adjustments to the 125 to make it fit your tall frame better, lower/more back pegs, change bar height or bend things like that. 


If you want more low end grunt out of the bike maybe look at a 250 but it will still probably not fit you that great and you'll need springs and maybe some ergo adjustments regardless. 


If you want a 250 2t though I am a Yamaha fan for several reasons.  :thumbsup:

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Both of the cr's seat heights are 37.4in for '97 and about 39in for most yz years. Yz's have been known for being more comfortable for bigger riders. At 6'3 190lbs i would say cr/yz250 would be a good choice but its all about rider preference, as subxero said. If you like how the 125 feels then keep it and stiffen the suspension, if you get a 250t you will have to do the same as they are the same seat height. Of course that will slightly change between years not nothing crazy. You said this was your first dirtbike so i suggest trying a 250t first before you make the descion to buy it incase its too much.

If you want something a bit bigger but like the 125 power, get a yz125! They have great all around engines and are almost 2 inches taller then the cr.

Best of luck to you

2003 CR125

97 cr125 best 125 ever & fast too, but you a big dude, test out some 250's before pulling the trigg,  3rd gen cr250's rule all!            & a tall seat will help alot 

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