DR650 VIDEO SERIES: power mods, suspension, protection, luggage, weight reduction etc

This project involves turning the DR650 into a proper full blooded adventure riding bushpig. It's sponsored by the Aussie suspension gurus at Full Force Racing Components who will hopefully come up with this completely new tricks for the crappy stock suspenders. 


Full playlist of Youtube episodes here. Here are the episodes so far...


Taking the stock standard DR650 for a bush bash!


This is just an overview of the essential power mods and a GSXR exhaust.
Edited by OZ DRZ
These are step-by-step instructions for doing the power mods.


Choosing the best GSXR muffler and how to make the required mid-pipe.



All the known issues and common problems with a DR650 that need fixing.
First level of suspension mods by the guys at FFRC


Bling from procycle and adventure bike australia
Protective gear for the bushpig


Edited by OZ DRZ


lots of bling from the guys at procycle.... shiny bits!


some protection for the big bushpig as we are taking her places she shouldn't really be going




ergonomics and setting up the DR650 for shorter and taller riders....


the DR650 is at the lighter end of the adventure bike range but she could still afford to lose a few pounds... here's how


it's taken months but FFRC have done the final suspension upgrade on the DR650 and the big bushpig has been transformed! their suspension guru has designed PLEX valves which continue the good work started by emulators and intiminators to try and fix those terrible rod forks. 



the rear shock was already great after the customized valving but now they've fitted a custom piston as well to allow a a broader range from small choppy bumps to soaking up those big hits at the rear. 


a DR650 clearing a 50 foot table top jump... who would have thunk it?  :ride:

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