Has anyone ever seen a shock body with destroyed threads?

Bike is a new to me 06 CRF450 I went to rebuild the shock and the preload locking nut came off perfectly and the threads above and below the main nut were immaculate. However i couldn't get the main nut to budge first with a punch then with a spanner wrench I fabricated. I soaked it in penetrating oil nothing. I ended up modifying a 2 foot wrench and with difficulty I removed the nut. The threads were stripped out where the nut was and I fought it all the way down. Now I'm looking at buying a shock! The only thing I can think of that would cause this is the jam nut being loose and it being ridden that way? Any Ideas? Is it possible I missed something? I can't find anything in the manual and I watched a video and it seemed easy.



That's terrible....

Oops. EBay has good deals.

if this was a KTM I would say yes I have seen and experienced this before.  unusual on a Honda...could be dirt in the threads, or ring somehow jumped partially, its all guesses at this point.  ebay is probably your best bet unless you find someone parting out their bike.  at least you have the other parts as spares (seal, shaft, bearings).

a new shock isnt the end of the world


that piece you need is about $50


or you can just buy a used shock for about $60 and call er a day.  either install the used shock as is, or take them both apart and make one super shock with all the best parts of each.  no big deal.






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