Seal spacer and oring behind cs sprocket

Im getting ready to replace a front sprocket, thinking about pulling the spacer and replace the oring behind it , or thinking of just waiting on it, till I replace all 3 , the seal ,spacer and oring together later down the road.


I know those spacers tend to develop a wear line, Im not sure how soft ktm's spacer is , to develop that wear line.


Anyway, I assume getting to the oring without touching the seal is fairly easy?


THe DRZ spacers seal config, I never had a failure, but did change out about 15,000 miles, and found it could have went longer, although the spacer did have an early wear  line.  I ran that new spacer set up over 30,000 miles as a result.


Experiences, thoughts?

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If it ain't broke don't fix it. That's what I would do keep it going.  ride.

I bet it will be fine. I replaced mine because I rebuilt everything, but I could have still used it.


I have changed front sprocket 3-4 times and didn't have any issues with seal leaking. :thumbsup:


If it ain't broke don't fix it.


Words of wisdom.



I believe that you had about 280 hours when did your rebuild and ride a lot of sand, and if you saw no degrade with spacer wear, that's a pretty good indication to continue further.


Ive had the sprocket off before, but once I soon replace this sprocket, don't want to go back in there for a while, atleast  another 15,000 miles

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