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99 RM 250 Exhaust pipe loose; mounting picture needed

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Have a new to us bike; I am not sure if it has the correct exhaust pipe on it. There is a tab welded onto the pipe and a longer stud in the frame that looks like the fastening point for the tab. They are offset; went to the parts store and they sold me a bracket that is supposed to allow the pipe to be attached to the frame via that stud and pipe tab. It is not even close to lining up right though. Also didn't have an O ring on the pipe where it goes into the cylinder head. The only thing holding the pipe in there was the spring and the rear attachment bolt (right before the silencer). Parts guy didn't have a Suzuki o-ring. Sold me a Honda one, said it should work.


I am thinking about either cutting the tab off the pipe, repositioning it where it needs to be to use the bracket the store sold me and welding the tab back to the pipe; or leaving the exhaust pipe tab alone and welding a new stud onto the frame wherever it needs to be in order to have a new anchor point.


If anyone could shoot me a picture of a similar year bike, and how the front exhaust pipe mounting is supposed to be, I would appreciate it. This morning I started thinking maybe I don't have the right pipe on the bike.




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