Help new bike should I get it?

So currently I have a 08 Wr250f with all the free mods including FMF powercore 4 slip on exhaust.  I have a chance to get a 2015 YZ250F for a very good price.  i mostly ride MX track type terrian not huge jumps or anything but lots of fast whoops and berms.  The riding is more MX except for the big jumps there is spots you can catch air if going fast enough.  I noticed the WR suspension kind of lacking on the smaller jumps and whoops.  I have the clickers pretty firm on the bike to help it out.  The 2015 YZ has a new top end and only 54 hours total.  I think the power from the WR is fine from my point of view but how much faster is the 15' YZ250F compared to my 08?  Should I just jump on the 15' and sell the WR and if I don't like the YZ I could probably sell it for more than I am paying for it?  The YZ it in great shape and very well taken care of all maintenace done and never raced.  What would you think a 15' YZ would go for in great shape and fresh top end?



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The YZ250F is a great bike! I have a 2015 model too!! I love it. And it would definitely be more punchy than the WR and have more power all around. Newer technology. also I bet it weighs 20-30 pounds less

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