08 WR vs 15' YZ

i have a 08 WR 250F with all the free mods including FMF exhaust.  I was think about upgrading to a 15' YZ250F.  My question how much more powerful is the new YZ compared to the WR.  I know yes the new bike is faster but is it going to be night and day faster?  I don't need tons more speed for what I do I just was curious on the power of the new bike compared to mine.



I went from an 09 WR to a 15 FX. The difference in power was pretty surprising. So going to an F will be even more so. They aren't just a bit better, the new bikes are in a completely different league IMO. I was going to keep my WR just in case I felt like riding it again. After riding my FX I immediately sold my WR because I literally had zero desire to ever ride it over the FX.

Exactly what Goatse said.  I went from a 11' WR250F fully uncorked to an FX with a Dr. D slip-on.  The bike is a whole different animal and has a lot more power.  The FX will cruise much more comfortably at higher speeds and the suspension is noticeable better.  Saying that, the older WR's are also great bikes and I learned a lot on that machine.  However, id never go back after getting a taste of the FX.  

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