1998 WR 250 K - Oil leak on power valve cover

I just had my entire engine overhauled! Bike still on first tank of fuel after rebuild, and then I noticed oil seeping out of plastic part of pv cover.


I am 8 hours away from the nearest mechanic, so taking it back is not an option right now.


Is it safe to ride like this or am I compromising the new rebuild?


Thanks in advance.




That "L" shaped seal is kind of a pain in the rear, I'd pull that cover off and make sure that it's installed correctly.

Thanks cowboyona426, I also think it might be the gasket or something there.


However, I read somewhere that if the bike is not jetted properly, the excess 2-stroke commonly leak from there.  Any thoughts? This would make sense as I feel the bike is not jetted right at all.  Even after I let it warm up for a good while it seems to bog down in 1-3 gears when I open the throttle.


I suspect is is because the bike was tuned at sea level and we are about 5000 feet in elevation.

That I can't comment much on but it does make sense.  My 98 WR has had very little run time since I acquired it because it needs some work to be rideable.  If you are riding at 5k elevation then I'm sure the sea level jetting is rich for you.

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