Depends what year your bike is on the flange, a few years (I cant remember, I think 04/05?) had really weak exhaust flanges, I haven't really heard of anyone breaking them on the newer bikes, the reed spacer is more popular on 125/200s and they do work, I'm just not sure how much they work on the 250/300. I believe Moose sells them cheaper than the price on BDSB

I have the year he is displaying in the video. It's a 2016 300 XC.

moose part number for the spacer is M560-08-720 and they're $20 cheaper than the BDSB unit. 


as for the flange, I can't help you. I'm not sure about how much the flange being matched up with the exhaust port will give you in real world performance, but I don't feel the reinforced flange is necessary, as KTM fixed those issues years ago. 

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