1979 Suzuki PE 250 Silencer

I have recently picked up a 1979 Suzuki PE 250 that is all there accept the silencer. The bike runs strong but makes a hell of a racket. Are there any modern silencers like FMF that would cross over? Stock silencers cost an arm and a leg and don't silence all that well. Any INFORMATION OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD GREATLY BE APPRECIATED!!! Also is there a specific website or dealer that deals in hard to find Suzuki parts like trip meters, speedometers and taillights for this style bike?

I make my own silencers it's not hard you could make a baffle / diffuser out of a straight pipe that will adapt to your exhaust pipe and get some exhaust adapters at your local auto parts store to adapt to the baffle by bolting/drilling them on and using jbweld . Then pack it with some Steel Wool in between the straight pipe baffle and the exhaust adapters as a silencer packing (works great on 2 strokes)





Looks like a pretty simply designed muffler just redirects the sound waves (17)  to the outside pipe which i assume has some sort of silencer packing in it, they are all similar in design 

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