New Warning Baja Vets

As you guys know this has been a wet year in Baja.Since riding last 6 days,we have seen 6 rattle snakes.Killed most of them,Many trails are covered in 2Ft grass. I will avoid those trails,as hit rock. Go down,see your buddy the snake there.On such trail,one did in fact jump up to strike. As we get to April,many will come out. Always watch where you stop,to put your foot down.

Good advise

That's the story of my life growing up in the desert. Rattlers everywhere. My wr426, headlight but no battery. Riding single track at night in the middle of summer. Crashed into tall bushes. Laying on the ground with bike on top of me. Heard hissing like a tire going flat. You have never seen someone jump up so fast.

I left out that when the bike died it got really, really dark

and for some reason they hang on these trail edges , like its a food deal, or more sun light on them to warm up etc, etc..

 there is a single track trail in crown king / prescott area ...the hikers quit using it as there were too many rattlers on the trail

 and they are mojave rattlers ...way more aggressive than a diamondback , they chill about 16" back from the edges..

 and BTR is correct in all general southwest regions ...april is the month to be house backs up to a golf course

 and we get them every year ( but i worked out a remedy that keeps them at bay , so they go to the neighbors hehehe..)

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