Wanted-know working fork

I come from the world ofs 2 Stroke. SIMMER DOWN NOW. I'm back to 4 stokes after starting out on a 79 XR80 when I was 13. (yes, i'm old-do the math). Anyway, I learned a lot about rebuilding engines, carbs, etc. The only thing I don't mess with are rebuilding forks. I really don't want to experiment on my new forks that are working.

So... does anyone have a bent or unfixable fork or forks that I can take apart to understand the working. I will pay shipping and a nominal price for them. I suppose they are not hard to work on. I understand there are some specail tools for this, which I'll have to go out a buy.

thanks in advance



01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

get the manual and the tools and take you own apart. You can do a rebuild and learn at the same time.

Mike is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Forks are VERY EASY to work on. Just pull the cap off and look-see. Parts WILL NOT fly off everywhere (like pulling apart a Chevy's Rochester carb...all those little BB's (ball check valves) rolling all over the place. You cannot mess up forks, using the correct tools (seal driver, cartridge holder).

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