Under visor Go-Pro Session mount test on the YZ250FX

I got the new Go-Pro Session for xmas because I wanted the smaller form-factor and to be able to tuck it under the visor of my helmet compared to the top of the helmet "tower" position. I like this new position better because it gives you a view of the fender and controls and makes the footage more "connected" to the actual riding experience. Have a look and let me know your thoughts! 

This is how I shoot all my videos as well. I'm impressed with the session's improved audio quality, fun little riding area you have there!

Yeah the footage was a little drab due to the lighting but nothing you can boost in post (I actually tried a few tweaks in the YouTube video editor after posting). Super thankful to have this place to ride so close to home. Thanks for watching.

Are you using a good video editing software? Sony Vegas and Adobe Premier are by far the most popular

Are you using a good video editing software? Sony Vegas and Adobe Premier are by far the most popular

Not at the moment, just iMovie from time to time. On larger past projects I would use final cut pro but since that's been dropped by Apple I haven't switched over to Premiere yet.

Are you using Wide view or Superview?  If you like see your handlebar and fender try Superview.


I passed a guy in my last race because he was looking for his GoPro that he broke off a tree he was passing under.  I don't have to worry about that (unless my whole visor comes off), I put my head down and go through brush all the time.


I use iMovie and have been pretty happy with it.  Especially now that you can edit the speed of the videos (you couldn't a few years ago).  Haven't even considered the others due to the fact I have a Mac and it is free.  Check out my videos.



ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458676938.219025.jpg I've been running my session under the visor for a while. It's by far the best view.

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