Help With Kick Shaft Replacement

So I recently picked up a 2000 300EXC as a project bike. I have the same bike as my everyday rider so I figured at least I would have a solid bike to use as a guide. Ive been sorting out numerous small problems but I ran into one I really need some help with. The bolt is sheared off in the kick start shaft, the kick start wasn't on tight so the splines on the shaft are a little messed up but not too bad to use. I already have a new kickstart and thought drilling and easy outing the old bolt would be cake. Well it didn't turn out like I expected. Broke a drill bit and an easy out in there and cant get the easy out, out. How ironic. Can anyone send me some tips on how to replace the shaft correctly? And if anyone has a spare kick shaft laying around that will fit that would be great, even used. I don't want to spend 130 on a new OEM one. Thanks in advance for the help.


You will need to drain the oil and remove the side covers, clutch plates and clutch basket..  Now you can remove the spring and replace the gear and shaft.

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