Trailblazer 250 not running

I just got this trailblazer 250 super cheap not running (naively I must add). I am not bad with bikes/atvs so I thought I could get it running and flip it. It is a 00 model in good shape. I got torn apart cleaned the carb a tiny bit, washed out the tank, and just did some general cleaning around. It started up in a couple pulls and spit about a half a quart of oil out the exhaust. I was confused, but it quit after about 10 minutes of running. It wouldn't really idle, and it ran rough, but it ran. I wanted it to run good, so I tore the carb down again and did a thorough cleaning. And I also got a battery so I could use the e start. Now it won't run at all. I absolutely know for sure that the carb is clean, and I'm getting great spark. It's a new plug. A buddy and I were scratching our heads trying to figure out what on earth could be wrong with an old 2 stroke. I did some reading online and found similar symptoms occur if the top end is bad. Then another one of my buddies said that he thought it could be crank bearings. Neither is very hard or expensive, under 100$ for either. I just want to be sure before I put any more money into it. I bought it for 500 so I'm not losing money by selling it, but I want to get it running. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm gonna do a compression test within the next few days. I'll post the results and any breakthroughs I might have. Thanks!

I said crank bearings! I meant crank seals!

My guess if it's throwing that much oil out the exhaust, sounds like a bad crank seal and it's sucking trans oil up into the combustion chamber. Tear it down and check everything over really well, even the crank bearings while you have it apart. If you do a compression check first, I think you'll find it will seem good since there's a lot of oil in the cylinder. You're going to have it apart anyway so throw a new piston and ring in it if the cylinder looks good and definitely replace the seals on the crank. just my thoughts.

I just fixed it a couple weeks ago. It was a fried top end. For Got it replaced and runs great now. Crank seals are fine

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