Don't know what bike to get next?

So right now I am on a card 150rb. I am a male, skinny built, 120 lbs, and 5' 7". I am getting close to needing a bigger bike. I like riding on a motocross track sometimes but am not into racing. I am looking at two strokes because they are cheaper to own. I am looking at the Kim 200 XC W. I am not sure if it will be to big or have to much power for me. I will ride in the mountains but I love to ride in sand and I and sure it will do just fine in all that. I'm afraid it won't have enough down low power and lugging ability In technical rocky sections. What do you guys think?

Crf 150rb**

KTM XC-W 200 would make an awesome trail / enduro bike for you, but it's going to suck at the track.  As long as you are OK with that, then it's a great choice.  As long as you take your time getting used to the increased power and more importantly the 2-stroke power band you'll be fine.


KTM's tend to be some of the taller bikes out there.  I'm 5'8" and manage on a 350 XCF-W.  I can't flat foot it but I can tip toe on both sides or flat foot one side.  I suspect it'll seem a little tall for you at first, but you're close enough that you should be able to get used to it and make it work.  

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Doc's got it right.

Just to add, newer 2t bikes have tq down low and lug really well, esp xcw's... its exactly what they're meant for. If you need more down low, gas and slip the clutch :)


Edit - IMO having a taller bike makes you a better rider and once you get used to not really being able to touch the ground, its really not a big deal at all.

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