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1993 RMX250 oil leak/gasket replacment

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I am trying to get my bike up and running as spring is around the corner.


One of the things i wanted to fix was the oil leak it seems to have. It looks like it is leaking from the shifter or behind the front sprocket. 


Here are my questions:

Is there a common place these bike leak oil?

Can the shifter/front sprocket seal be replaced without splitting the case?

Any other suggestions on tracking down the oil leak?



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It is fairly common to get leaky seals on dirt bikes. The bikes operate in a dirty environment that means dust and debris end up around the seals, and this can eventually cause them to fail.

They can be replaced without splitting the cases.

If you look carefully at this parts diagram you can see there is an O ring #35 and a seal #26 incorporated in sealing the gearbox sprocket shaft.




The gearshift seal #30 is a little more tricky to replace. Just be very careful not to scratch the casings when removing the seal.




It might be worth checking what seals are actually leaking first. No point changing the gearshift seal if it ain't leaking.

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I looked at the diagrams, but couldn't tell for sure....Thank You!!!


I am having a hard time telling which seal is leaking...I am cleaing that area up and going to see if i can narrow it down. 


Thanks again.

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