2003 Honda cr250r bogs down in low rpm

I have a 2003 cr250r that bogs down in the low rpm range when riding. I tried everything up to this point that I can think of. I have done the following:

New air filter

New top end

New spark plugs

New clutches

New clutch basket

R/C valve is adjusted as described by the manual. I don't know a thing about this r c valve. It opens and closes. Not sure how it is supposed to function, but seems to function correctly.

Cleaned carb

New carb jetting. I put the recommended jets for my altitude. I did notice the problem is better or worse when I adjust the air/fuel screws on the carb, but no matter how I adjust I can not rid my bike of the problem. Is there something in missing?

The good news is that my bike is nearly completely restored. Bad news is the problem is getting costly.

Any suggestions? I really want to ride this weekend.

What do you have for jets?

What is the airscrew set at?

What airscrew settings gives the best results? What works better, going in or out with the airscrew?

What does your spark plug look like after riding.

I'm going to the track this weekend. I will make a couple runs then show pic of spark plug. I will also have to mess with the air screws. I believe I'm about two turns out.

I just recently restored my 2003 CR250R and after lots of looking went with procircuit jetting specs for that year and it fixed all my jetting concerns and bike has never felt faster, try it you will like it!

Try getting an S-7 nozzle jet, it helps a lot, my 01 was a lot like yours when I first got it.

Procircuit jet spec: 2003 cr250r, 390 mj, s-8 nozzle jet, 30-74 needle, 32.5 p, 2t on as, I love it, huge huge change, I suspect any 2003 cr would do better with this spec?

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