Front tire

I have the most popular MX front tire on my RM 250 2-stroke and it sucks for off road riding in dry conditions.  We used to run Metzeler front tires back in the 70's and they stuck like glue.  Has anybody used Metzeler tires recently and how did they work?

Metzler is owned by Pirelli.  It seems like Pirelli doesn't push the Metzler dirt tires in the US that much.  A few places carry them, but you don't see much advertising and I don't think they sponsor many teams/riders.  I wonder how different the Unicross is from what you were using back in the day?  Very reminiscent of the Pirelli MT16, which I love the rear version of for summer riding, but was never a fan of that front.

 The Unicross looks like the old "green stripe" tread pattern, but has a heavier sidewall, it's DOT approved.

Kenda Parker Desert Terrain.  Here's a picture, its mounted in the medium direction.  Its unidirectional for hard or medium.  Best I've found on sand and hardpack covered with sand.





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