I'm just wondering why you need to tell border people anything other than going to Canada to visit friends and ride, maybe haul a couple other bikes up and back???

Probably because the guys at the border aren't stupid. If I was going this route I'd not risk an issue crossing the border with something of this $ amount, and not to save $200 for sure. But then I go to Canada for business frequently and wouldn't want to get on the naughty list. Got a friend came to Canada to work without a proper work Visa. Got himself a 3 year block from re-entering Canada.

Well it's not rebate season so I didn't do near as good as most in this thread, but I have the bike and I'm ecstatic to have it, I plan on keeping it a long time so cost is pretty irrelevant to me.  That said I'm cheap and found the best deal I could within a reasonable distance... just under $9400 OTD.

Got mine for $7997.50 US dollars which converts to 10000 CAD OTD.  Came with a taller seat, barkbusters and green plate.  I e-mailed 4 dealerships within 200 km's and asked for best price and availability.  When the dealers see competitors name in the e-mail they tend to give you best price.


I tried to haggle a little more but found out mark-up is 8-12 percent only on these bikes.  Knowing retail as well as I do I happily payed the price and still feel I got a pretty good deal.  I would've preferred to have supported my local dealer but when you don't answer your e-mail or return a phone message I figure this isn't a business I want to deal with if something goes wrong.  Ended up driving to Blackstock which is a 1 1/2 hour drive away but was impressed with how everything was handled.

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