93 kx 125 ebay screw up

Well i blame no one but myself but i purchased a carb that the seller said would fit a 93 kx125. well i took his word and today instead of the 36mm keihn pwk i got a 34mm pj carb. 


the one he sent does have the twist tube, cable, and carb so the question is can i make this carb work and if so what kind of nightmare am i in for for jetting? 


I'm having a hell of a time finding the correct carb and the bike only came with the flat slide/cable.


Please help! Thanks! 

I would expect to lose some power with the 34, but I haven't tried it personally. I would look for a brand new PWK36 from Carb Parts Warehouse, Jets R Us, Sudco, JD Jetting, etc.

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