Ktm 85 sx rear brake won't bleed help!?

Bought a lovely ktm 2009 85sx which has been bored to a 105 ;) the rear pads have been changed and the calipers need bleeding bought some new fluid preceded to do the usual bleeding routine and nothing is happening no pressure at all the brake is so springy anyone else had this problem if so how did you get it sorted really want to get out on it but will not use it until back brake is sorted cheers guys!

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Make sure the master cylinder has fluid in it

Yeah master cylinder is topped right up I pump the brake like normal but nothing is coming out of the bleed nipple it feels like when I'm pumping it's not making a difference really strange I took the hose off the cylinder to make sure it's no blockage it's clear

Hi, you are best to back bleed it from the calliper if there is no fluid in the system. Make sure you have the piston rod in the master backed off enough (the two nuts) to let the fluid through into the master. If you use a big syringe get the fluid right to the end of the tube you connect to the nipple to reduce any air. Squeeze the fluid through and get your helper to suck off excess fluid as the master doesn't hold much then tighten up the nipple. Re adjust the master piston rod with a small clearance. You should have a good lever. Hope this helps. Bob.

Pistons on the caliper are totally gone need to replace them :(

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