honda crf450r 03

Ibhave to top up my 03 crf450r after being out on it for 2/3 hours there it seams to use about half of the oil in the window on the side of the engine why could it be using so much oil

Not normal. You need to find out where the oil is going.

1) blue exhaust smoke points to rings or valve seals.

2) leaking out through a bad gasket or seal

3) transferring into the trans through a bad seal

The bike doesn't smoke theres no leaks and no oil in the air filter

Well its not evaporating. Its going somewhere. Have you drained and measured thr trans side?

Its also pretty normal for there to be more oil on the sight glass when its cold, and less oil there after its been running and distributed the oil around the motor. Then slowly drain back into the bottom of the motor over night.

If it continues to decrease then you need to find out where its going.

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