Carb leaking out hoses

Hello I am new to riding and just got my first bike a few days ago. I ran out of gas earlier and when I filled back up and turned my gas on the gas was leaking out the side hoses on the carborator. Can anyone give me any help or a reason, thanks. It's a 2003 Yamaha ttr 125


It sounds like your float is stuck try taping your float bowl with a screwdriver

Thanks for quick reply Clay. That's what my cousin told me but I've tried tapping all on bottom of carb while gas is on but it continues to pour out of hoses. Any other ideas?

Try draining the carb and if that doesn't work you will have to take it apart and clean it

Hey Clay I told you I was a newbie at this stuff lol so I've been tapping on carb whole time when I actually bang on it a bit with end of screw driver I guess the float came unstuck because the gas stopped leaking and it's running and drivinget now. I appreciate you very much for the advice you gave me. I have 1 small other problem now. It runs and idles just fine but sometimes it will die when I come to a stop or even leave it idling for a few minutes. First time happening could it be because the clamps on the hose aren't tight enough or does carb maybe need cleaned or what would be your guess?



You need to pull the float bowl cover, remove the needle valve and inspect it for wear, and service the needle valve cavity for corrosion


BILLIONS of posts on the subject; do a search for 'leaking carb'

Thanks Krannie and I did do a search before posting. And I seen a lot of other stuff that doesn't have to do with float so that's why I started my own topic to give my specific problem.

But back to my other post, the float is unstuck and it's running now just bogs out sometime while it's idling. Should I try to run some sea foam through carb or some kind of carb cleaner first or do I need to just have it took apart and cleaned.

Sounds like you need to clean your carb

Thanks clay yeah had my cousin help me take it off and clean it running like new again. Appreciate all your help.

No problem

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