PW50 no power (please help)

picked this bike up used for $100 but didnt run. well i got it running and my issue with it now is.......


wont move my 200lbs on a flat driveway more than 5mph

and wont move my girlfriends kid (7 years old but the size and weight of a normal 5 year old) anywhere near as fast as they do on the videos online. (he cant even make it up a small hill)


when the bike is on the center stand it revs up how i feel as it should.

rear wheel spins like a bastard but once its on the ground it cant even pull up a hill and goes pretty damn slow on flat ground


things that have been done to it so you have an idea.


new plug
has 92 psi compression with WOT (yeah i know its on the low side)

exhaust restriction washer was removed

the hand throttle limiter screw has been backed all the way out

new factory spec jets

carburetor cleaned

new air filter

fresh gas


trying to go in the right direction of what to do next. don't want to really throw a top end at it just for another 10-20 psi if it could be something else wrong with it



only other thing i can see that is really wrong with this bike is the exhaust does not look like the normal factory exhaust. looks like they (PO) chopped off right before the chamber and welded on some kind of silencer.

would that really make this bike have no balls?





this video is me on it in the drive way


Adjust the carb

yea been threw the carb 3 times everything is clean and i have tried every adjustment there is but i will try it again.

Maybe the clutch is slipping with you on it.

Make sure it's not in the "start" position or that you don't have a bad switch.

Behind the number plate is a connector with three wires. Disconnect one wire, does it still run? If not, plug it back in and try another. See if it runs better. If so, you've got a switch stuck in the "start" position.


You could have a clogged exhaust, take it off, run a brush through it, you could try soaking the inside with kerosene after plugging one end or just try sloshing it out. Then let it dry for a few days, reinstall and see if that takes care of it. While you're in there, clean the exhaust port on the cylinder of any build up.


The carb still could be the problem, how did you clean it? Did you completely dismantle it, soak all the metal parts after removing any rubber or plastic seals, then blow out the orifices with compressed air? Might not hurt to get a rebuild kit with new jets and seals.


Speaking of seals, while the bike is running, spray carb cleaner around the base of the cylinder and carb intake. If the RPMs change, you've got a bad seal.


Last, make sure the woodruff key is still keeping the timing on the flywheel correct. You might need a special tool called a flywheel puller. Buy the 18 piece (I think) kit from eBay, well worth the $70.

think i might have found out what was wrong what do you think? 

wires are hard and melted together. im sure this could be the reason for this issue ordering a new stater and seeing if it works
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think i might have found out what was wrong what do you think? 

wires are hard and melted together. im sure this could be the reason for this issue ordering a new stater and seeing if it works


I'd just try putting new wires in using ordinary crimp connectors or preferably, solder. I'm not saying I know for sure because it's hard to tell from a photo, but it's possible that somebody opened the cover and pinched the wires causing a break in the insulation which shorted causing heat and the failure. While I can't guarantee that this is going to solve your issue, it's definitely not doing anything good for the bike.

Wiring on these is rough on the older ones. Rewired a 1990 with similar wiring issues, random shorting was tough to trace and was determined not to buy a new harness for such a cheap bike.

Pull the exhaust and verify the port isn't clogged. If it is, pull the head and clean it. While in there you can check the walls.

Mine ran very similar at 80-85psi. New eBay top end kit ($50) and it ran great.

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