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14 450 xcf low on power (compared to a 15 450 sx)

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Hey everyone


New to the thumper world .. currently have a 2014 450 XC-f which have only ridden and used as a snowbike (paired with a yeti 129" track setup)


When I got a chance to ride a similar snowbike setup on a 2015 450 sx I noted mine was much lower on power. The sx bike would rev out in 3rd all the time while mine struggles in 3rd. This is riding up hill in deep snow where max HP is needed ! 


The snowbike setup are identical .. same track, same gearing, etc


My bike has about 100 hours, however the leakdown test showed less than 5% loss .. so leads me to believe that my engine is in good shape and a re-build won't do much.

Both bikes are completely stock .... 


Is there a mapping difference between the 15 sx and my 14 xc ? should I go to my dealer and have them remap my ECU ?

Are the transmissions identical ? (I think that they are)

Where else can I look to find my "lost" hp ? 

air intake setup is clean, injector ... perhaps could use a cleaning .. 

ps. I've taken the rekluse out of the bike and that made a noticeable difference .. but I feel that the bike isn't there yet


Any and all advice is welcome .. I need to squeeze as much HP out of this bike as I can :)



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Head mill, port work, pipe and silencer, high compression piston? The sx has a different transmission, and mapping, ignition timing amongst other things to make a more aggressive powerband for motocross.

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I have an Athena GET ECU on my '13 SXF, and I gotta say the power improvement by just installing one of their maps is amazing.  Just an overall meatier powerband all the way through, maybe look at an adjustable ECU as part of your approach?

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