02 crf 450r stator

Hello, I'm new to this site and am looking for a lil verification on If my stator in my crf450r is junk or not before I spend the money on a new one....I checked ohms and volts at the terminals and this is what I got.

Exciter coil: ohms~15.4 should be 9-25.

When I checked the volts(kicking)I would get a reading of .9 then the meter would say ol. Should be 50v

Ignition pulse generator: ohms~228 should be 180-280

Volts~ .006 should be 0.7v

I'm pretty sure this is the problem to my no spark condition. But I very well could be doing something wrong this is my first time trying to solve an electrical problem. If I had a broken wire or something like the meter indicated when I was checking the exciter coil volts then wouldn't that throw the resistance off? I pulled the stator off and everything looked fine... Any thoughts would be appreciated

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