Corked MRD SSW vs Corked MRD Standard(Procomp)

I have a 2000 DRZE with a JD Jet kit and 3x3 mod and some jankity homemade header with an FMF Powercore IV


Im strongly considering an MRD pipe and while noise is a concern, power is nice.


Im curious how much difference in power one would expect between a corked/spark arrested MRD SSW and the MRD Procomp on my stockish motor.


I did some searching and I am not really finding much beyond "buy the best".

Just get a Power Bomb header, I love my Power Bomb/Powercore IV !!   :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  It barks at the moon !   :smirk:

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If I didn't have my Yoshi Ti, I'd get the FMF. :ride:

Why would you get fmf over something else?

I run a MRD Procomp un-corked on my '14 SM...  I did quite a bit of research before purchasing the MRD... I was concerned with comments like... Need to wear ear plugs while riding.... Other bikers did not like to ride behind them because of the excessive noise... etc. etc.  I wanted some that was still loud but not needing to wear ear plugs with...  I ordered the Procomp with the Spark arrester and corked and also the straight exhaust spacer... It only has three small screws to open up the exhaust..  Less then 5 mins.  I initially rode with it corked, but as soon as I started playing around with the exhaust straight... I could "Feel" the difference in power.  So, I currently run it un-corked all the time and the noise is not Crazy loud.  The MRD exhaust in my opinion.. is a must... the whole system is a work of art and built to last. 


Here is a pic of my SM with Dirt Set up... IMG_2098.JPGIMG_2099.JPG

Also running the pro-comp but keeping it corked. Sounds great and performs well, somewhat better with the open insert though as expected but not enough that I'd keep it out around the clock. Does sound super sexy though not gonna lie. Can't vouch for the Z Pro (SSW) but I'm sure someone will chime in here and try pushing you in that direction since they do cost the same. Personally I don't need my pipe any louder and am very happy with the performance, spent a solid week reading pro comp vs SSW threads and am happy with my final choice. Just think it's more functional and header pipe doesn't look as obnoxious either IMO

If you want to stay quiet and make good power just stay with your stock E exhaust system. The header pipe has a wider diameter similar to aftermarket head pipes and the muffler flows really well. You could save yourself some money or put it towards other mods

. The header pipe has a wider diameter similar to aftermarket head pipes..........

Yep, just add the FMF baffle and BINGO! More power for half the price of most full systems. :ride:

Why would you get fmf over something else?

Flexibility, quality, tunability, durability, USFS spark arrestor and price. Plus, the Yoshi Ti is no longer available

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