crf250x won't start

Hi guys n gals, I am hoping some-one can help me in my endeavours to get this bike running. It wouldn't start and I checked the stator resistance and found anomolies with the recommended specs so I sourced a new one and a reg/rec as well. Previously the starter would turn the bike over, no problems except a very low (small) spark. Since putting the new stator and reg on the bike, when I turn it over I get a chattering from the starter solenoid. I took this off the bike and checked it thoroughly, all seemed fine, so I assumed it was getting an ac signal. I emailed the supplier of the stator and reg with readings from all wires, none to earth etc and he says all checks out as ok. In the adr wiring diagram I found a 4 wire ignition board. What that is I don't know but I am assuming I have corrupted something in putting the new stator on the bike. The battery is new. Can anyone help guide me to where the fault may be please.


Hi dankerr, what year is your bike?

What anomalies did you have with your old stater?

You can use a standard multimeter to see if you have DC or AC output.

Do you have spark now?

Can you start it with the kick starter?



Hi Jon, it's a 2008. I had a spark previously but it was very weak, the ohm readings I got from the original stator was very low or nowhere near the recommended specs, so i ordered a new stator and regulator. I have it turning over now but no spark. Kick starting doesn't make any difference. I have found a local that checks stator, coil and cdi on the bench for $90, so I intend to take this to hiim, at least that will give me a direction to go in. If there is something faulty he will source it for me.At least it's a starting place. if all checks out, then I guess I will be checking for incorrect wiring or connections, or shorts? I seem to be playing a waiting game, but all games end right?

Some help is better than no help, I appreciate the input Jon i will follow the thread and let you know what occurs. Yes I have checked the kill switch and the clutch switch, the year of the bike is 2008. Thank again so far.

What stator did you go with wondering if you got the trail tech and made the same mistake that I did and reversed the plugs from stator and regulator

OH!  yes I did get the stator and regulator from trail tech, what wires were reversed?

Did you get the Trail Tech flywheel too? Just curious, I'm in the process of putting the TT Flywheel/stator on my '08 now. The flywheel seems to be protruding out quite a bit from the engine case. I haven't put the stator cover on to see if it rubs - yet. Hoping you or someone else have the same experience.   B)




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The two 4 pin connectors I mixed them up had to kick the bike over when first started battery was dead but once charged was good to go every time. Just recheck that you have them right

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