What bike should I buy

ok so many questions, first off I'm 6'1" and 205lbs and 19 with little riding experience, rode a 125f and yz250 and kx250 and kx90, had a blast on all of them, now I'm wanting to get my own bike and I've been told a 250 2 stroke is just way too snappy but I also like the idea of the 4 stroke and being able to know where the power is, but I'm just kinda of scared of the bill that's gonna be handed to me after having it serviced, I did enjoy the 250 2 strokes. I am told Honda had the best 2 stroke motors ever made in 2000-2004? And also what years did Yamaha have great 2 stroke motors? I'm going to be riding in fields, some to little trails, and tracks on weekends, I need some help on what bike to look for and what are decent prices on what years, thanks everyone!

Size wise you are plenty big enough for a 250 2 stroke. If you're concerned with the power, you could add a flywheel weight to smooth out the power.

If you aren't stuck on a brand, find a good deal and pull the trigger. A yz cr kx or rm will all do what you want.

I agree, most bikes are generally the same. Good deals don't last forever. I learned that the hard way!

I heard that if you do something in one spot it will have an effect on another part on a 2 stroke, is that something that you guys have heard of or what? Appreciate the responses! This is my first time on any kind of forum

Just picked up this bike last night!


Wow that thing looks pretty darn clean! What yr is it? I have a 01 and love it. You are right about if you try to get mor bottom end power you will lose some top end. If you want power more like a 4 stroke get a fmf gnarly pipe and put it on. Ride the bike a bit and you will notice where the power is, if you don't like it come back on here and we can give you a couple ideas to make it a little more friendly. Like I said I've got an 01 and find that the power is spread out pretty well

It is a 2000 and it has a fatty on it right now with a long fmf silencer, picked it up for 2200 bucks the guy barely rode it but took care of it a lot ! I took it for a spin and the thing rips! Such a thrill! Definitely glad I got a 250 instead of a 125, so much more room to learn on now! Thank you guys for the replys! And thanks for making my first forum experience a good one!

Ya the fatty is a good all around pipe, the gnarly has more low end power and is made of thicker metal to take a beating. I have a fatty on mine right now and like it. Looks like you've got yourself a good bike. It's a very good sign it still has stock graphics and such. Damn do I ever wish mine looked like that when I got it.

I was maybe thinking of putting a gnarly on it with a fmf shorty, not sure yet, and yeah the previous owner barely rode it and he babied it so I got a good deal!

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