07 rmz 250 carburetor issues

Hey all I bought this 07 rmz 250 with the engine in pieces. Rebuilt it with new hot rod 3mm stroker crank bearings gaskets and seals. Also put new timing chain and piston kit. Valves are all in specs. Bike runs rough and idles up and the fuel screw doesn't seem to have much effect. I went from 45 pilot to 50 pilot and 170 main to 180 main didn't fix the problem. Anyone have any ideas what I can try thanks in advance also engine seems to heat up fast and runs to hot I took header pipe off and exhaust valves were white very lean I know

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Fuel screw assembly complete with washer and o-ring? 

Yes sir. Screw then spring then washer then o ring

And it's a new screw washer spring and o ring. I'm beginning to think I have a blockage somewhere that I missed when I cleaned the carburetor

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Ill fixed now. I changed the leak jet and had a leaking boot clamp seemed to do bike rips now☺

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