XR500R Clutch

Hey 500 guru's. I have a question regarding the clutch assembly. I noticed quite a few Clutch packs that do not have the center bearing with them. When I picked up my 81' 500 the clutch had awesome tension on it. I have noticed now going back together that is completely sloppy, there is literally no tension on the lever. I pulled back apart again and realized that there is no bearing...Seems odd. I have seen some pics with and some with out. Any thoughts? 


AFAIK they all have a bearing, although the length of the lifter rod varies a lot on different models

See that's what's odd. Of course it was fine before I removed the cover to replace my timing chain. And I know 100% that there was no small bearing in the clutch pack holder. Looks like bearings are cheap and will just be pressed in.

I ended up just ordering a bearing off eBay. Hopefully this fixes my issues. I have taken this damn clutch apart about 10 times now per the manual and still not working. Just so crazy that it was working even though there is no bearing in there!! 

Post a pic. Something odd going on.

Hey Muzzy, here are some pictures, Im building a Scrambler out of it :). Also, where I am pointing with my finger, is the front chain guide suppose to sit in that channel? It is directly behind the ignition advance piece, or is that just like an oil area? This is exactly how it was all removed. Behind the clutch, I have the thrust washer, the inner journal that sits in the clutch gearing, the inner gear for the clutch and then the clutch pack assy. The only thing I can think of, is that maybe the short push rod was sitting on something it shouldn't be? Thanks for all your help. 






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         Bearing is #21, and is loose so may have fallen off when cover removed. Wont work without it.

  And the camchain guide should be in the cup where you are pointing.

Probably need to pull the head off to get it in there tho, unless you can release the tensioner completely and try to bend the guide up and into the cup.

That's what I am thinking too Muzz. I've got the bearing on the way. I must have left it on a rag and tossed it. Who the hell knows. I've got to pull the head anyways to get my valve seats recut. Then I can snap that tensioner back in its spot. Thanks so much for your help man!

All good bro.

   Cover can be a bit fiddly to fit, the decomp lever and the clutch arm need to be wriggled untill the cover seats properly.

        Dont use force or the decomp actuator will bust off inside.

Ha, I know all about that decomp lever. Have had the cover off and on about 10 times. Actually pretty easy. Just received the bearing today. I can see how the push rod head now pushed against the inner bearing. Will throw it all in the morning. 

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