2015 wr 250f exhaust

hello everybody,


new to motorcycle riding :ride:  and to this forum,  I have a question on replacing or uncorking the oem exhaust , what are my best options,  also

I think  I read  somewhere that the yz´s exhaust would fit.   can someone confirm this and if so what years?

To uncork you need to remove the restrictor in the exhaust silencer pea shooter

Next better is to get a larger (approx 30mm id) pea shooter either buy an aftermarket one or make one yourself if you can. I have used thevone ftom my 08 wr450 as it fits straight on). I belive yam do an larger end cap/pea shooter

Next better is an aftermarket silencer. FMF Q4 seems to be the choice (or the gen Yam option ehich is the Q4 with a Yam badge stuck on it), or one of the other FMF silencers (powercore or rct) both of which are louder than than the q4

Lastly yes the YZ Silencer will fit (2014 onwards as it is basically the same bike) and gives good power but is by all accounts very very loud

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YZF exhaust will fit. Ive got one on my 2015 WR250F. Make better power accross the board with transmoto EFI map too.

GuyGraham,  Excellent advice.



Quickoz,  Please stop advising people in the US to buy a YZF muffler for their WRs, especially the +14 YZ250F mufflers- those are simply much too loud for off road riding.  Maybe you have lots of places to ride in Australia, but in the US, we really don't.  

I used the Pro Moto billet tailpipe inset piece on mine. Not much louder than stock but flows better than stock even with the pea shooter removed plus it looks better. Cost about $77 through Pro Moto Billet and easy install plus you can still utilize your stock spark arrestor.

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