2005 Crf230f or 2006 Rm85l?.....Help.

Hey guys, Im looking to get a new bike for woods and trail riding. Im pretty new to riding, but know the basics and all. Im faced with the decision of getting my first bike. The two bikes I'm looking at close to my area are an 05 Crf230f and an 06 Rm85l. 


I forgot to mention I'm 18, about 6 feet tall and 175 pounds. I know the Crf would be great height wise and engine wise, but I'm kind of leaning towards 2 strokes and the only reason I'm hesitant about the Rm is because I'm afraid its going to be too small and that ill out grow the Rm very quickly. Also, I've been told by my buddies who ride that the Crf I'm looking at looks a but beat up and that fixing an abused 2 stroke is much less of a headache than fixing a messed up 4 stroke. The links to the bikes are below.


Rm85L - http://newyork.craigslist.org/fct/mcy/5492120205.html


Crf230f - https://hartford.craigslist.org/mcy/5451374377.html


I just don't know which to get, I know i need to see the bikes for myself but I'm an hour or so from the Rm and about 2 hours from the Crf and i just can't find the time right now, so I want to make a decision before I go see one. Also, Crf230fs are very hard to find used and around $1500, which is my budget give or take a hundred or so. I have also looked at some Yz125s but they are also hard to find in that price range. Also I currently ride a Crf150f and think I would be better off with the 230 instead.


Thanks for any help.

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Woods / trails + 6' / 175lbs = CRF230F

Thanks mlatour, but does the crf in the link look any good?

Both of the links posted don't seem to work.

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Ok the link is working now, probably was before but just noticed having issues opening other links as well on my PC.


Only seeing it in person can you evaluate the bike's true condition.


Initialy, someone posting pictures of their bike for sale without first thoroughly washing it

shows somewhat a bit of a lack of attention to detail and presentation.


Front tire also looks pretty bald.

Rear sprocket isn't the original so replaced at one time.


Prices are very regional, in decent condition that's about a 2300$ bike in my area.

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Okay yea I'm a few hours away from the Crf so that's why I'm not inclined to go look at it unless I'm sure I want it

The guy sent me some more pictures but it still doesn't look great it's still very dirty and looks plain used and abused

Crf150r has around 23 hp. Up from the 150f's 8 hp. Or a crf250x or r would be a better choice. Or a wr250 or any decent XR 200-350.

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