Just bought an 07 WR450f & it has the faulty air filter cage

Just purchased an 07 WR450f yesterday.  Been lightly used by the past 2 previous owners.  I took the filter out today and discovered the filter cage has the hole in the center.   :foul:    :cry:   :mad:


Looks like some dirt has gotten past the hole.



So, how f'd am I?  Obviously, I'm going to get the new filter cage from the dealer before I ride it.  Should I start taking steps to see what type of shape the engine is?  Compression test, oil analysis, idk what else?  Can I expect the dealer to be helpful - I have a print out of the service bulletin, and the part number to order..


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Check valve clearances now, adjust if required, ride it for a few hours and recheck. If they close up you know it needs a head refurb.

Mine had been sucking dirt in (through mis-fitted airbox to carb boot) when i bought it. Carb was full of sand and dirt. I thought it would be trouble but 10k miles later the valves have moved only 0.01mm

is there air in the intake tract?  Are the valves zeroe'd?  You'll have to tell us how screwed you are...

Had the same issue.  You'll probably be fine as a good portion of this hole is blocked by wire rod that holds the filter into place.  Fill the hole with epoxy and you can keep using it.  You might also want to buy a new cage/filter, so you have backup on you can drop in there when your filter is dirty.


The advice you are getting above is good.  Check compression, change oil, clean carb and see how much dust is in the air intake tract.

Take a paper towel and wipe the intake boot


If it's really dirty, yes there will be a problem someday.


I would bet it will not be dirty, and you can ignore this.

Ok, thanks for the tips, everyone.


I went by my Yamaha dealer, and they said my VIN was part of the recall and have ordered a replacement cage for me.  They're also going to call Yamaha to see if they can do a valve inspection under the recall too.


If not, I'll check the valves, clean the airbox & carb, check compression, & check/clean the intake tract.  There goes my hope to ride my new bike before i started wrenching on it  :banghead:  :goofy:

Just use a dab of JB weld.

No reason to buy a new cage.


If you are not burning oil, and there is no blue smoke on start up, I would not worry about this at all.

I pulled the carb, didn't find any dust in the carb or intake boot, so I'm a happy camper.  Got the new cage from the dealer as part of the recall.  Yamaha won't inspect the engine/etc as part of the recall, which is fine, I don't blame them for not wanting to on a 9 year old bike where the previous owner missed the recall notice.


I'll check the valves in a few weeks when I have time for it.




Wow this is news to me, a new owner of a 2007. My cage has a hole but it's covered by the wire clamp. My valves are OK.


I was going to get a No-Toil SuperFlow cage and filters anyway.

Wow this is news to me, a new owner of a 2007. My cage has a hole but it's covered by the wire clamp. My valves are OK.


I was going to get a No-Toil SuperFlow cage and filters anyway.


Well the hole is mostly covered by the wire clamp and the plastic washer that holds on the filter, but not completely.  You should ensure you fill with epoxy or replace it.


I personally find that built in backfire screen is just fine (I dont get any flow restriction) and the factory air filter is great and better than the aftermarket filters.  I am still old school and use the oil based filter oil ( BelRay foam filter oil-the blue stuff) that cleans up with mineral spirits and followed by Dawn dishwashing soap.  Certainly the NoToil products are easier clean-up just not certain how good it filters out dirt (there are lots of opinions about that and I dont have one to offer on NoToil products as I have very limited experience)

whats the recall or bulletin # for this air box recall?  Im a new 2007 owner also...  thanks

Thanks jamesm113!!!!!   appreciate the quick responce....  I have emailed my dealer my vin# to see if is included in recal or to see if it has already been done - I just got the bike so I plan to replace the filter element anyhow - I will check for the hole...  Thanks again!

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