Mighty Max Battery

I just put a Mighty Max Battery in my 07 X. Anybody running that specific battery? It was only $35 so I figured what the hell. If it's crap and doesn't last long I'm only out the $35. Thanks.

Just a typical POS Chinese battery...under a different label.

Not as good as a Yuasa, but also a third of the price.

Yuasa's last about 3 years, these last a year or two at best.

Still ahead of the game money wise...

Is be pumped if it lasted 2 years. Thanks.

I was in the same boat as you back in 2009 when I bought a new LTR 450 quad. (I know some people hate quads but they are a blast in the sand, which is the only place I ride it). Its stock battery immediately failed. I figured what the heck, I bought a 25 dollar AGM (probably Chinese) battery from ebay and it has worked perfectly for me ever since. I do try and throw it on a trickle charger for 30 min ish every month or so during the winter though. Summer I don't care about charging it due to riding it and the warmer weather. Hope you have as good as luck as I have. I guess they are not all bad. Although when my stock battery on my 08 450X fails, even though I had good luck with the ebay battery, I will go Lithium to save weight.

So a 30 min trickle from a regular trickle charger is what your supposed to do with these type batteries?

Its worked great for me. I have a Craftsman battery charger that has a 2A setting which is what I use. I always check the voltage before and after. I only charge them for about 30 min tops, sometimes not at all if the voltage is still good, near 12.6. I have always used this for all my toy batteries and get unbelievable long life out of all of them. My wifes quad battery is over 7 years old, my quad battery is also 7 Y old. I have 2 jet skis which I do this also to and one of those is over 10 Y old. The other one had gone for about 7Y or so before it quit and I replaced it 3Y ago and its still going strong. I did buy a crappy Batteries Plus battery years ago for my ski and it only lasted 8 m. Never again. It had a 6m warranty, and they woulnt help me out in any way. And my 08 450X battery is original equipment so its about 8 Y old. The jet skis and 450X batteries are standard lead acid batteries and the ones in my quads are both AGM batteries. All going strong.

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