Drz400 exhaust swap

2002 suzuki drz400s. I just bought an older big gun race exhaust system on ebay, trying to find out where to jet the carb at? It is a stock 2002 suzuki drz400, no mods beside simple bolt on, stock airbox, stock cams, stock gearing, no engine work. I was told by big gun to go up 1 main jet size, & go 1/4- 1/2 fuel screw turn. Does sound about right?







I think that will get you close.

Cool thank you.

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Oh yeah also my elevation is at 1355 or so.

I'm at 110". but we get up to 2,500 quite regularly.



EDIT: 110 feet, not 110 inches, but I think the jetting would still be in! :lol:

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